Chillypig Creations: Sticker Setup

Please note that there is a camera hole in the Samsung phone cases and the image will NOT be printed in there so please take that into consideration when designing your phone case.

Please do not resize the templates for any reason since it will cause issues when printing.

Make sure to do these steps for each of the models you intend to order. Naming the the files correctly when you upload your files will also be very important to ensure you get everything perfect with your order. Use this template for the naming convention so no one will be confused: Order#_Quantity_Type_Design.psd (Order# provided in the confirmation email)

For example: You ordered 50 phones cases from the store and you have 2 designs and want to have 2 different models with different quantities. You received a confirmation that your order went through as order #600. You will then name your files as such:

  • 600_20of50_iPhone6_1of2.psd
  • 600_10of50_iPhone6Plus_1of2.psd
  • 600_15of50_iPhone6_2of2.psd
  • 600_5of50_iPhone6Plus_2of2.psd
  • Please make sure the template and name match the quantity and type you actually want as any mistakes due to naming and using the wrong template will be the full responsibility of the purchaser.

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