• Quantity to Design Breakdown
    Quantity # of designs included
    50 3
    100 6
    500 30

  • These quantities and number of designs only represent the price breaks we offer. You can order a higher quantity of charms during checkout and you will receive the corresponding increase in designs.
  • - Example: If you want to order 300 charms, just choose the 100 charm option then "Add to Bag" and checkout. Within the checkout window you can increase the amount to 3 (3 x 100 = 300) and then checkout normally. You will then be allowed to have a maximum of 18 designs (3 x 6 = 18).

  • Please provide the quantity of each design you want within the file name with a minimum quantity of 10 per design. If you purchased additional designs you can have a minimum quantity of 5 per design. If you do not include a quantity we will divide the amount you order with the designs you have as evenly as possible.
  • If your design is different on the front and back, you will need to add extra white upgrade.
  • Gloss and White upgrade must match the number of charms you order.
  • Our current turn around time is listed on the home page. If you require a rush order, check out our FAQ.
  • We will always use your old files if you are reprinting charms, if there are any changes please let us know ahead of time so we can make the necessary changes.
  • We ship with USPS priority mail. For deliveries within the USA, it takes approximately 2-3 days. For international deliveries, it takes approximately 6-10 days.